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Impact of media technology on wage changes: The case of Thailand

Vol. 11, No 4, 2018


Siriwan Saksiriruthai


Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University


Impact of media technology on wage changes: The case of Thailand







Abstract. This paper aims to examine the influence of time use for media technology access on wage changes by means of applying regression analysis. The results revealed a positive correlation between media technology access and wages. The nationwide popularity of social media use has becomes an opportunity for improving skills in using media technology related devices. The findings also addressed some other factors impacting wage changes. Age was positively correlated to hourly wages. With different backgrounds of education, occupations, industries and genders, workers possibly earn different wages. In order to stimulate higher wage rates, education and training in media technology-related skills are needed as a way to induce individual income. The findings also suggested to the promotion of skill-improving and edutainment activities, including those in individuals’ spare time, because this can raise not only technology-based skills’ level, but also happiness from more efficient use of media technologies and communication. If workers can raise productivity using media technology, they will receive greater wage rates and then can enhance their innovation capability further.



Received: May, 2018

1st Revision: September, 2018

Accepted: November, 2018


DOI: 10.14254/2071-8330.2018/11-4/5


JEL ClassificationJ22, J24, J31, O33

Keywordsmedia technology, media access, time allocation, wage, Thailand