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The role of state in determining the electricity prices in Poland

Vol. 7, No 3, 2014

Rafał Nagaj

University of Szczecin


THe role of state in determining the electricity prices in Poland 

Received: June, 2014

1st Revision: September, 2014

Accepted: October, 2014


ABSTRACT. Electricity markets in the European Union, including Poland, have in the last two decades, have seen huge transformations. The most important of these were the liberalization processes, which since 2007 have greatly accelerated. The article exam- ines whether and how the State influenced changes on price formation for end con- sumers in the electricity market since 2007. The analysis showed that in many EU Member States, prices are still regulated. In addition, the influence of the State on the level of electricity prices did not decrease, but increased. This happened under the influence of energy and climate policies, as a result of which the State has introduced a number of new charges that have been spilled onto final consumers.

DOI: 10.14254/2071-8330.2014/7-3/9

JEL Classification: L5; L43; H23; L94; L16

Keywordsstate interventionism, sectoral regulation, energy and climate policy, electricity market, pricing